Be a part of our spirited yoga movement and become a skilful and qualified yoga and meditation teacher, confidently teaching diverse individuals with loving kindness and sharing your love of yoga with others – to benefit all of the community.

Yoga Class


This course is designed to provide trainees with an excellent understanding of the science and philosophies of yoga and the practical disciplines and ethical considerations associated with teaching yoga.


It offers a balanced approach to the study of all Eight Limbs of Yoga, including in-depth study of philosophy, anatomy, the ethics of yoga teaching, yoga as a way of life, & the subtle yoga practices including pranayama, mudra, mantra & meditation, as well as providing mentoring and regular ongoing opportunities to practice and refine yoga teaching skills.

Training Days & Times

The training is conducted part-time over 18 months.

Weekly training is held every Monday during school terms from 10.45am to 3.15pm (excluding public holidays).  


Training will be conducted at Lavana Yoga Studio in the heart of Mt Eliza Village.

Yoga at Home


Yoga Practices & Techniques

Study and safe practice of yoga techniques including: Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra, Bandha & Shatkarma.

Yogic Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle
Study of the history of yoga, paths of yoga, cosmological concepts and sacred and educational texts including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita.

Anatomy and Physiology
Study of anatomy & functional physiology including knowledge of the circulatory, immune, reproductive, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems of the body, knowledge of musculoskeletal and respiratory systems of the body and knowledge of human movement.

Yogic Physiology
Study of subtle yogic physiology and energy fields including the Nadis, Chakras, Pancha Koshas, Gunas and Pancha Vayus.

Teaching Methodology
Study and practice of teaching methodologies including communication & learning styles, teaching methods, observational skills, personal space & permission, cultural backgrounds, principles of good teaching, demonstrating and assisting.

Integrative Practice & Teaching
Study and practice planning and designing yoga classes or series of classes. Conducting a small business including the regulatory requirements, student intake and health conditions, managing teacher self-care, managing student feedback, supervision & mentoring. Knowledge of insurance options and ethical marketing.

Additional Modules
Introduction to Ayurveda, Yogic Diet & Daily Life Regimes and Prenatal/Postnatal.

Community Classes
Trainees will also have the wonderful opportunity to participate in ‘Community Classes’ which are public donation-based classes that will be taught to the community by trainees. Proceeds will be dedicated to a charity of their choice or as chosen by the training group.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Lavana is home to a richly diverse community of local students, and a passionate team of teachers who come from around the Mornington Peninsula to practice, learn and teach.

We have a strong network of yoga students & yoga teachers in the area providing a wonderful support network for students. Our training provides a very special opportunity for students to connect & create lasting friendships and form a professional network with fellow students and teachers - a support system that will nurture and inspire them through their yoga journey and life.



Please contact us for a copy of the PYMTT Course Handbook and enrolment form. After completing the form, please send it to us before the enrolment deadline. We will then notify you about your course application status and invite you to an interview with Lis & Sally to discuss your enrolment. You will be required to pay the course deposit fee & once this is received, you are guaranteed a place in the course to begin your teacher training journey.