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How much experience do I need to become a Yoga Teacher?

To get the most out of the YTT, we like you to have a regular yoga practice for at least two years before applying. You should also have an interest in health and wellbeing and a genuine desire to help others. You should be committed to undertaking studies and motivated to deepen your knowledge of yoga to enrichen your own life, as well as a desire to teach others and to share yoga with the community.


Why 350 hours?

Both Lis & Sally were fortunate to participate in comprehensive yoga teacher trainings and felt the incredible benefits of long-term study and in-depth training. It was important to us to design a course that is more than just learning how to teach yoga and deepening your practice, but one that includes comprehensive yoga study, commitment to practice and personal transformation. When you graduate, you’ll be able to teach individuals yoga, not just groups and sequences but different bodies with different needs a variety of techniques that provide a balanced integrated approach to health and wellness. This includes asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, yoga principles, yoga daily regimes, diet nutrition and lifestyle as well as the fundamentals such as anatomy & physiology. The duration of the course allows trainees to absorb the content and apply it throughout the 18 months of study, with ample opportunities to practice teaching and working in groups and pairs throughout the course. So, when it comes time to teach a yoga class, you can guide students confidently, professionally and in your own unique way.

In addition, Yoga Australia (YA), the national peak body for yoga in Australia, requires a minimum of 350 hours of yoga teacher training conducted over at least one year, to become a teaching member. We are committed to helping maintain professional standards of yoga teaching in Australia and to inspire & mentor our trainees to follow best practice guidelines, hence why our YTT is registered with Yoga Australia.


I am not super flexible/slim/fit/young, will I be able to do the YTT?

Yoga is for everyone. You do not have to be super flexible/slim/fit or young to teach yoga. All postures can be modified to suit a range of ability, and you will learn how to safely work with all body types – including your own. Some people are limited by injuries they have sustained in the past and this does not prevent them from becoming experienced yoga teachers. If you have the desire to be a yoga teacher, and the commitment to give the course your best, you will have an amazing and transformative experience, which is right for your body.


How long is the Peninsula Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training?

The training will be conducted part-time over 18 months. Training will be conducted at Lavana Yoga Studio in Mt Eliza one day per week during school terms. There will be no trainings during school holidays or on public holidays.


I want to enrol in the training to develop my own practice rather than teach, is this ok?

 Yes, the course is also designed for those who may not wish to be teachers at this stage of their yoga journey, but would like to deepen their own knowledge, practice and experience of yoga.


How long do I need to train to become a qualified Yoga Teacher in Australia?

Yoga Australia requires a minimum of 350 hours of yoga teacher training conducted over at least one year to become a Level 1 teaching member.


Who sets the guidelines for Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Australia?

Yoga Australia (formally Yoga Teacher Association of Australia).


Where is the training held?

Training will be held at Lavana Yoga studio in Mount Eliza. Lavana is a full-time yoga studio with a full timetable of classes. It features a light and spacious studio space, pigeonholes, kitchenette and bathroom. It is located in Mount Eliza village amongst the shops and cafes with ample car parking.

Location: 3/18 Ranelagh Drive, Mt Eliza. Right in the heart of Mt Eliza village.


How many hours do I need to dedicate to my studies each week?

In addition to your training time you will be required to spend 2-3 hours each week (during the course terms) on homework & assignments etc. This consists of reading, personal practice and weekly tasks.

Can I become a member of Yoga Australia on completion of the PYMTT course?

Yes, providing you meet the criteria set out by Yoga Australia.

Will I be eligible to apply for insurance at the end of my course?

Yes, PYMTT graduates are eligible to purchase insurance upon successful completion of the course and by taking out membership with Yoga Australia.


How many yoga classes do I need to do each week while I am training?

We recommend at least two classes per week in the initial stages of the course and three classes per week towards the end of the course. Your training session will contribute to the number of classes you have attended each week.

Do I need to pay the full fee up front?

No, we offer an option to pay the course fees via instalments including an initial deposit to secure your place in the course prior to commencement. We also offer a discount for course fees paid in full.


What is included in the course fees?

The course fees include all course modules and training, required textbooks, access to yoga props & equipment at Lavana Yoga studio and unlimited classes at Lavana Yoga for the duration of the course (valued at $150 per month which is a total of $2,550 included in the course fees). The only exclusion is the completion of a first aid course, which trainees are required to complete at their own cost and in their own time prior to graduation.


Do you hold any training days on school holidays and public holidays?

No, our weekly training sessions are all held between school hours and during the Victorian school term dates, except for four Saturday sessions which will be held during the course and within the school terms.


How are assessments carried out?

Assessment are carried out per subject and work is assessed at various intervals throughout the year. Assessments include both practical and theory components.


What are the attendance requirements?

100% attendance is expected at the training sessions, with a minimum of 90% required to gain certification.

How do I go about enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Please complete the course enrolment form and send it to us before the enrolment deadline. We will then notify you about your course application status and invite you for an interview with Lis & Sally to discuss your enrolment. You will be required to pay the course deposit fee & once this is received, you are guaranteed a place in the course.